MSA SYMPOSIUM: Fungal Biodiversity Informatics


Studies on fungal biodiversity, and all disciplines that use fungal biodiversity information, are being transformed by new and emerging informatics resources. Some tools are being produced by one or a few individuals working with limited budgets (e.g., Myconet, The Mushroom Observer), whereas others are in the realm of “biodiversity megaprojects”, with international organizations and large sources of public and private support. In particular, the recently launched Encyclopedia of Life ( is an exciting project that seeks to create a web page for every species of life, including all Fungi. EOL draws on other biodiversity informatics resources, including the Catalogue of Life, which in turn derives its fungal taxonomy from Index Fungorum. EOL will also interface with the Tree of Life Web Project, which has many fungal pages. Mycologists are just now getting organized to contribute to the EOL, making this symposium particularly timely. The purpose of this symposium is to raise awareness among mycologists of the diversity of fungal biodiversity informatics resources, and the connections among them, with the EOL as a central theme.



David Hibbett.


Keynote: James Edwards (or other EOL representative). “Fungi and The Encyclopedia of Life”


10-minute “vision” talks:

Amy Rossman. “What plant pathologists want from FBI”

Anne Pringle. “What FBI can offer fungal ecologists”

Greg Mueller. “What taxonomists and conservation biologists want from FBI”

Nathan Wilson. “Harnessing user generated content: Blurring the distinction between amateur and professional mycologists”


20-minute “emerging resources” talks

David Maddison. “The Tree of Life and the Encylopedia of Life”

Kathie Hodge. “Fungal biodiversity resources on the internet”

Paul Kirk. “Index Fungorum and the Catalogue of Life” 

Joost Stalpers. “MycoBank”

Sabine Huhndorf. “Myconet”

Don Pfister. “Digital literature resources”


Panel discussion: 20-minutes

“What does the mycological community want from FBI, and how can we make it happen?”